People are inherently voyeuristic. Not to sound completely crass, but I've never been so popular on social media as when my dad died. Like, pictures and tributes and whatnot? That shit gets likes out the ass. I think people want to feel some kind of connection, and yet there's also this sense of obligation, which you… » 11/21/14 1:37pm Friday 1:37pm

Tell Us Your Worst Experiences Trying To Cancel Cell Phone Contracts

Here's a sad story: a UK woman brought her husband's ashes to a T-Mobile store after they refused to cancel the dead man's contract. That's an extreme case, but indicative of the nightmare some people have to go through to close an account. Have you ever had a hard time canceling a contract? Tell us about it. » 11/20/14 4:11pm Thursday 4:11pm

Amazon Fire TV Stick Review: A Lot Less Money for a Little Less Speed

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the bargain version of Amazon's super-fast voice search-enabled Fire TV. The HDMI version certainly sacrifices a lot of things that make Fire TV great, but is that bargain worth it? Absolutely. » 11/20/14 1:21pm Thursday 1:21pm