Why Iraq Matters, From an Iraq War Veteran

My brother, Michael (pictured above), served in Iraq from 2007-2009. Draw your own conclusions about how the U.S. should react, but this is important perspective from someone who was there, and quite literally knows some of the people trapped on Sinjar Mountain right now. Michael writes:

This picture shows some of the faces of the Yezedi children currently trapped on top of Sinjar mountain. This picture was taken in 2008 when Niels Hansen took me to meet with local Yezedi and Christian leaders for a humanitarian mission.

Perhaps the Iraq war went forth without being fully considered, but the Yezedi and Christian people helped us! The overwhelming majority of our local interpreters were Yezedi or Kurdish. They are peaceful people who supported the democratic process.

The type of brutality displayed by ISIS is beyond comprehension and must be stopped. I find it unacceptable for our government to say that Iraq must solve the problem. Waiting to act did not work in Rwanda in 1994, it certainly did not work in 1937 in Germany, either. Something must be done.