This 1984 Sesame Street segment asks kids to answer the question What is a computer? The answers are adorable and imaginative, and obviously very dated.

This video has been around forever and a day, but I'm sharing it because it's cute as heck. One of the answers, "it's something that's like a TV and you make pictures with it and it helps you to read" is very cute and very descriptive, but honestly not all that far off. Even in 2014, even for adults, that question is not always easy to boil down into a concise answer. A computer is uhh, sometimes a phone, but it can a laptop, but it can also be a television and there are computers in cars and also you can have a computer watch if you want. But even three decades later, as always, most things sound better out of the mouths of babes. [LonelySandwich via MentalFloss]